What would it cost to store your vehicle in a High

Security, Climate Controlled, Garage Insured,

conveniently located luxury automobile storage facility?

Not as much as you would think. We've been in storing

cars for over 15 years, so we know how to provide high

quality heated storage at competitive prices. Spaces are

available starting at $117 a month, and here are some

things you can expect for the money:

 Climate Controlled Facility (staffed as well)

 ADT Secured / Camera Monitoring (24/7)

 Garage Insurance (to protect your investment)

 Battery Charging (if needed)

 Tire Pressure Checks (complimentary)

 Optional Fuel Additive

 Non Sweat Concrete Flooring (minimizes rust)

 Quick and Easy Check In and Out (very efficient)

 Convenient Location (Downtown Minneapolis)

 Pick-Up and Delivery Available

Classic Auto will keep your vehicle safe and secure for

the duration of its stay at our facility. We've

implemented numerous high security measures to

ensure that our customer never need to worry. These

measures include:

 Monitored Digital Surveillance

 ADT 24 Hour Security

 Garage Door Lock Down During Evening

 Facility Staffed Monitoring During Daytime

 Night Lighting



For the Safety of the cars in storage during the evening


the building is in lock down which limits any/all doors


from functioning. Additionally, Classic also has a strong


relationship with the Minneapolis Police Department that


monitor the building in the off hours. We know how


important your car is to you and take extra measures to


insure your investment. With that in mind, Classic is not


accessible storage, to bring that extra step of assurance


your vehicle and its contents stays exactly as you left it.